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Travel Tips & Tricks

​Cruise Ship Tips:​

  • We always recommend, arriving at your destination a day early so you avoid the stress of trying to get to your port of departure in time for your cruise. 

  • At the beginning of a cruise is to pack your bathing suit, any medications and, possibly, a change of clothing in your carry-on bag. When you arrive on the cruise ship, the porters take your bags and you will probably not see them again until late in the evening when they are delivered to your stateroom.  This is true for all ships, so be prepared.  

  • On the last night of your cruise, your bags need to be placed in the hallways; which means that you'll need to keep a carry-on bag available for your toiletries, pajamas, clothing for the next day, etc. Important tip: if you'll need it during the night or the next morning don't pack it!     

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