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$2,500 per person

Non-refundable Deposit: $500 pp
7-night vacation with meals, drinks & transportation and more!

40 Shades of Vacay...

For my 40th birthday, I'm hosting a unique, once in a lifetime travel experience - but here's the thing. I'm not revealing the destination until out meet & greet.

That's right, IT'S A SECRET!

Do you trust @TheRealSeantay to select a destination and not tell you where we're going? Over the coming months, each person that has paid their deposit will receive 40 random clues. Collect all 40 clues to guess our destination!

The destination will be revealed 40 days prior to travel.

                                                               Reservations are on a 1st come, 1st served basis. We're not able to hold spots or stretch out the deposit date.


The deposit is $500 per person but can be split into two payments - the 1st payment of $250 is due by February 17th and the 2nd payment of $250 is due by March 10th. The remaining balance is due by August 19th. After the deposit is paid, a monthly payment of a minimum of $150 is due for the months of April-July and the remaining balance MUST be paid by August 19th; failure to pay will result in possible cancellation with no refund. The reason for monthly payments is to avoid having a large lumpsum to pay at the end. Please note all payments are non-refundable and therefore vacation protection is highly suggest to cover your vacation investment. We will gladly quote anyone that wants to purchase vacation protection or you can purchase a cancel for any reason policy on your own.

The package includes accommodations, meals, beverages, roundtrip international flights* and ground transportation. Rates are based on Double occupancy; limited triple and quad rooms available! Single rooms are possible but the price increases significantly, so get your roommate and come on!

The flights that are included in the price as an estimate (since we don't know where everyone will be flying from), so the cost can slightly vary based on when airfare is confirmed. All flights will be coordinated so that we all arrive and depart together, as this is very important (there's your 1st clue).

There is a wide variety of excursions and tours that are available for booking; more details will be given as we get closer to travel date. Excursion examples: Waterfalls, horseback rides, jungle tours, ziplining, catamaran sails, kayaks, hiking, animal interactions ... and so much more! Tried to keep it simple so that clues aren't given  


Believe me when I tell you... YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS UNIQUE, once in a lifetime experience; it will be worth every penny! Again, SPACE IS LIMITED! We only have FEW spots available, once they're gone, they're gone!


Travel documents (1).png

The 1st to guess where we're traveling to based on the clues will receive a prize!

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