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Travel to Jamaica with #YourFavoriteTravelAgent @TheRealSeantay of @Xscape2Paradise
June 23-28, 2022! **Passports REQUIRED**
Early bird deposit $100 per person! 
Let's add some stamps to your passport! Space is limited so don't wait, register today!
This trip is all aged so bring your children OR leave them home the choice is yours and we won't judge; whether you bring them or not, the resort has 2 sides to choose from:
Royalton Negril (all age) & Hideaway at Royalton Negril (18+)

Upgrade your stay with Diamond club VIP (available on both sides) 
click here for more details
The following payments are REQUIRED and must be made by the date listed,
in order to keep your reservation in good standing: 
2nd Deposit: By September 15th, a 2nd payment of $125 per person is due
3rd deposit: By January 15th, a 3rd payment of $125 per person is due
All remaining balances are due by March 15, 2022!

Deposits are non-refundable

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